My name is Guillaume, I am French, Jewish, Gay
and a big fan of the beautiful, wonderful, amazing and handsome actor Paul Adelstein,
This is why I created a TUMBLR his effigy.

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Paul Adelstein - Kate Burton - Scandal Season 3 - Scandal Series - Leo Bergen - Sally Langston
Paul Adelstein - Brown Fan 
Jeff Perry - Jack Coleman - Kate Burton - Paul Adelstein - Bellamy Young
Cyrus Beene - Mr Langston - Mme Langston - Leo Bergen - Mellie Grant
Scandal - 3x10
Does Paul Adelstien played in a porno scene?
No it’s just a screencap of the 3x10 episode of scandal.
@sidsplit (Instagram) - @tomverica (Twitter): 2nd and last #peepingtom of the night with @adelsteinPaul! Have a great weekend! #scandal #directorspov